How can I start cooperating with COINRI LIMITED?
You need to register on our website and create your account. Click SIGN IN at the top of the web page and complete the registration.
How can I enter my personal data?
Attention! We don’t require any personal details from you. You just need to prescribed your e-wallets details.
What should I do if I can’t sign in?
Check your personal information in details. If everything is correct, you need to contact our support.
Can I register my child?
A person who has reached the age of majority in country of residence can earn in COINRI LIMITED.
Can I have more than one personal account?
You can have only one personal account on a PC. If you have more than one account, the company COINRI LIMITED will block all your accounts without further recovery.

How to get profit in COINRI LIMITED?
Users have the opportunity to earn by two ways: by opening your deposit, according to the chosen investment offer; by getting affiliate commissions for attracting new participants.
How much can I get if I invest?
All investment plans and a calculator are submitted on the page INVESTOR.
Is there a limit on the number of investment plans? Can I open different plans at the same time?
There is no limit on the number of investment plans. Yes, you can open different plans at the same time.
How often is interest paid on deposit?
Interest is paid in accordance with the terms of the investment proposal. The countdown starts from the moment of placing the deposit in the system.
Are there any restrictions on investing?

Investments are accepted in strict accordance with investment proposals. Minimum investment is 2 USD (120 RUB). Maximum 10 000$.